“Card, certificate and fees”, Me Caroline Dubuis Talayrach, lawyer

The rule is simple: without professional card and without authorization certificate, no remuneration. Can one exercise the profession of real estate agent without a professional card? Obviously not, and one wonders if this subject deserves an article. However, the reality can be more complex than it seems and case law regularly echoes this. First important … Read more

Residents of Tourcoing called the fire department after seeing a mini-leopard, but it was something else entirely

The calm of the town of Tourcoing, in the North, was somewhat upset this Sunday, June 19, 2022. The residents of the streets of Guisnes and Winoc-Choqueel were frightened when they saw a wild animal wandering on the roofs of the garages. But it turned out that he was not dangerous for a penny. © … Read more

Do not pet the cat in these places! You risk irritating him and he can hurt you

Before welcoming a cat into your home or considering adopting one, it is useful to learn about its breed, its various behaviors and its petting preferences to avoid making certain mistakes. This pet, although autonomous and independent, is extremely tactile and deserves special attention. Here are some ways to better pet your feline. Having a … Read more

3 Labrador Retriever puppies were abandoned for a horrifying reason

Illegal dog farms are unfortunately still talked about for their disrespect for animal welfare. As soon as a puppy is no longer profitable, he ends up cowardly abandoned. © Scottish SPCA Tuesday, June 14, 2022, in the middle of the afternoon around 4 p.m., an individual unceremoniously separated from 3 adorable Labrador Retriever puppies at … Read more

it immediately matched between Rémi and Paprika

“We found each other quickly, it sticks between us! “: the parodian Rémi Jacquetin, 38, is convinced: his story with Paprika has only just begun. Paprika is a 2-year-old female Labrador that Les Chiens Guides d’blind de Provence Côte d’Azur Corse have just entrusted to her. Visually impaired, suffering from pigmentary retinopathy, he had already … Read more

an intermediary and a lawyer indicted in the extortion section – Release

The intermediary Noël Dubus and the lawyer Gérald Pandelon were indicted on Wednesday, in particular for suspicions of fraud in a part of the investigation into the possible Libyan financing of the 2007 presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy. Gloubi-bulga. The intermediary Noël Dubus and the lawyer Gérald Pandelon were indicted on Wednesday, in particular for … Read more

Two populations of wolves at the origin of dogs?

The gray wolf (Canis lupus) was the first species to give birth to a domestic animal: the dog (Canis familiaris). But there are still many missing pieces to put the puzzle together: where did these wolves live, who were trusted by our ancestors? And when ? An international study, involving 38 different institutes in 16 … Read more