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Google has announced a free version of Google Workspace for business users. In addition to being one of the most recent enhancements to its suite of collaborative tools, Google Workspace Essentials Starter Edition, as it is called, stands out for its unique positioning in the market…

What is Workspace Essentials Starter Edition?

According to Google, more than 3 billion users stay in touch, share ideas and do more together in Google Workspace, apps like Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides. With this in mind, it launched a new version of collaborative tools designed to help you integrate the applications they know and love to use in their personal and professional lives.

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Her name : Google Workspace Essentials Starter-Edition. It’s a 100% free, no-trial solution for business users looking to improve teamwork and unleash innovation with secure collaboration by design.

The Workspace Essentials Starter Edition primarily includes Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, plus Chat (with Spaces) and Meet (calls up to 100 people and 60 minutes) for communication. It can also store up to 15 GB of data.

To use this collaborative platform, there is no need for a new email address, file conversions, new plugins or desktop software. All Essentials Starter tools will work quickly and easily in your existing environment.


Essentials Starter is quite similar to Microsoft Teams Essentials which launched on December 1, 2021. Both offerings are lite versions of their respective flagship peers, with little to no cost, and aimed at small businesses. Moreover, the resemblance of the names – with Google’s offer including “Essentials” – is probably no coincidence. All things considered, it looks like “Starter” isn’t the latest attack Google is launching at arch-rival Microsoft.

At Google, features include:

  • real-time messaging;
  • Individual and team video meetings;
  • Team collaboration in spaces, which are integrated with Google workspace tools;
  • The ability to store, share or co-edit over 100 file types, including Microsoft Office documents and PDF files, without the need for file conversions.

Google Workspace Essential Starter Edition is accessible from mobile devices, tablets or computers. In addition, Drive used on desktop computer allows to synchronize files and folders with a personal computer or a Mac.

Benefits for employees

“Essentials Starter can help employees and their teams break down silos and work together in new ways, even if their organization still relies on legacy productivity tools that weren’t designed for the hybrid age of work.” », said Kelly Waldher, Vice President – ​​Marketing of Google Workspace.

“All Essentials Starter tools will work quickly and easily in your existing environment. And because we designed Google Workspace to run on our industry-leading cloud foundation, Essentials Starter provides encrypted and secure file access, helping to keep users safe and their data private. information. »

However, adding the service can add complications for enterprise IT departments. The plan could effectively act as a sort of Trojan horse, as it fails to take into account the intense administrative control that IT departments sometimes exert over workplace tools. Additionally, the bundle lacks Gmail and Spaces and only comes with limited admin controls.

Nevertheless, overall, Google Workspace Essentials Starter Edition is a positive note to Google’s portfolio of communication and collaboration tools. Not only does it expand the number of options available to customers, but it also adds great value by offering a range of meaningful features to small businesses at no cost.

This new offering is expected to go live worldwide in the coming weeks.

Source: Google

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