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10 illustrations that show everyday life (not always easy)

If you own a dog or a cat, you may find yourself in the drawings made by talented illustrators.

These cartoonists wanted to share with a lot of humor their daily life with their pets. This is particularly the case of Clariffe, the communication manager of Wamiz who, in her spare time, likes to chew on her dog Gipsy.

1- Do you want to play ball?

2 – It is really too beautiful !!!

3- When the manicure turns into a nightmare

4- Sacrifice yourself out of love for your dog

5- Not easy to pack your suitcase with a cat in your paws

6 – The obsession with the red lazer

7- Mission impossible?

8- Not always easy to walk your dog

9- Not easy to telecommute

10- How to pick up your phone

Did you like the thumbnails? Do not hesitate to visit the Instagram accounts of these illustrators to discover more about their work.

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