10 years after her dog was stolen from a park, this 22-year-old woman finds him!

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A young Londoner never thought she would see her dog again, stolen 10 years earlier when she was still just a child. The unthinkable has indeed taken place thanks to the identification chip of his missing 4-legged friend.

Dog is back with his family 10 long years after he disappeared, reports MyLondon.


In August 2012, Tae Bennett was walking his dog Ollie in a park not far from her home in Beckenham (South of London), when individuals approached the canine, cut its leash and left with it. She was then only 12 years old and the Chihuahua was 2 years old. She was in shock.

She and her family had never stopped looking for him. Wanted notice and promise of reward were not enough. Ollie remained desperately untraceable and, over the months, then years, Tae Bennett had to get used to the idea that she would never see him again.


She had to move forward, while keeping the memory of this dog she loved so much. She had adopted another, a Dachshund called chilli.

Tae Bennett remained without news of the Chihuahua until March 25, 2022, nearly 10 years after the theft. Children had found a dog they thought was stray in another park in Hounslowin the west of London and nearly 30 kilometers from the family home. Supported by the local animal service, he was identified thanks to his chip, which revealed the contact details of his owners.

“I never thought this would happen”

When the family was contacted to tell them the news, Tae Bennett burst into tears. ” It was amazing and I never thought it would happen. Ollie was found in a park by children, I don’t know where he came from “says the young woman.

The dog is healthy. His owner thinks his thieves used him for breeding, then probably abandoned him because he got too old to procreate.

The reunion took place the same day. The other very good news is that the Chihuahua gets along wonderfully with chilli. ” They love each other and snuggle up to each other, it’s adorable said their mistress.

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