12 before and after pictures of animals that show how important it is to adopt

Adopt a pet is an action that brings multiple benefits to those who do it. In addition to save a lifeyou bring to yours a richness that is difficult to find by other means.

Several Facebook users uploaded before and after photos of their adopted animals and the change is really amazing.

An animal perhaps adopted in a refuge or in a foster home. In both cases, by adopting, the adoptee’s life is saved and a new animal in a vulnerable state will take his place to be rehabilitated. However, like any important decisionthe adoption must be the subject of a consensus between all the members of a family.

rescue centers andadoption of animals are overwhelmed by the animalssuch as dogs and catswho have been abandoned from their former home or who wander simply on the streets since they were born.

Some finally find the happiness in the hands of families or individuals who adoptwhen others continue to go unnoticed in the world of opportunities that come with pet adoption.

These pictures collected from users shows the incredible transformation of these pets, from their arrival at the shelter to their new home, where they enjoy a better life.

Here are 12 before and after pictures of animals that show how important adopting is:

We are happy to see these impressive changes with the animals.

The animals deserve to be happy in a loving family, everyone deserves a second chance.

Why adopt a pet?

Save a life. Many people abandon their animals on the streets, while others turn them over to shelters or shelters. Due to the limited space in these places, animals are often euthanized. Those who end up on the streets may starve, run over, abuse or get sick.

They give you unconditional love

No matter what, the animal will always be available and will be the first to be happy when you come home. The love that animals give is the purest.

Pets in stores usually live in cages and away from human warmth. In addition, it is often unknown where they come from and whether they were raised responsibly. When they are bought, the cycle of selling and locking up continues.


With a pet, you will never feel alone. They are faithful companions.

They keep you active

Spending time walking the dog or playing with the cat is a good way to get exercise, strengthen the bond with the animal and, in the case of dogs, expose them to socialization with others. people.

Others have the opportunity

By adopting, not only are you brightening up an animal’s life, but you are also helping to free up space in a shelter, allowing more abandoned animals to be rescued.

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