127 million dirhams in insurance costs for the administration’s car fleet

By Mohamed Younsi on 04/20/2022 at 8:29 p.m.

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Kiosk360. The National Transport and Logistics Company has launched a call for tenders to insure 110,000 State and local authority vehicles. The market estimate is around 127 million dirhams. Details in this press review from the daily Assabah.

A budget envelope of around 127 million dirhams will be devoted to insurance costs for public administration and local authority vehicles. This market, which has just been launched by the National Transport and Logistics Company (SNTL), will take effect from January 1, 2023. The lot to be insured includes more than 110,000 vehicles. These are almost 90,000 vehicles from the car fleet of the various state administrations and around 20,000 machines in the services of public institutions and local authorities, reports the daily. Assabah in its edition of Thursday, April 21.

And to specify that the volume of parks to be insured may vary according to the declarations made by each administration to the insurance services of SNTL. According to the sources of the daily, the central administrations carve out the lion’s share with 51,000 vehicles, followed by the local authorities with 31,000 machines. The entire lot will be provided by the services of SNTL.

In the same vein, continues the daily, local authorities have spent, over a period of six months, no less than one billion and 547 million dirhams for the acquisition of vehicles and two-wheelers. These expenses come second in the investment category with 29.2%.

These data, underlines the daily, show that the culture of extravagant spending still characterizes public administrations and local authorities. During the last two government mandates, the number of vehicles in the state fleet has increased by 24,000 vehicles. This causes huge expenses, especially since there is no rational management of the car fleet, underline the sources of the daily.

By Mohamed Younsi


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