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After the 1-1 first leg, Juventus sank at home to Villarreal (0-3) on Wednesday in Turin, as part of the second leg of the Champions League. The yellow submarine creates the feat and goes into quarters, the Old Lady takes the door!

15 minutes of madness and the Old Lady takes the door!  -D

Unfortunately for him, Morata fell on a big Rulli…

What an outcome, ladies and gentlemen. As we headed for extra time between Juve and Villarreal after the 1-1 first leg, the Old Lady sank in the last quarter of an hour against the Yellow Submarine (0-3) on Wednesday, as part of the second round of the second leg.

A real feat for the men of Unai Emery, who spin in the quarters, and above all a huge disappointment for those of Massimiliano Allegri, who dominated this meeting in the great widths for 75 minutes.

Rulli, the impassable

Scorer after 23 seconds of play in the first leg, Vlahovic did not have the opportunity this time to shake the nets. But that didn’t stop Juve from starting strong: thanks to their other striker, Morata, whose point-blank header was masterfully repelled by Rulli! The Argentinian goalkeeper was able to count on his talent, then on his luck when the Spanish striker – quite inexplicably – hampered Cuadrado who was about to score in the empty goal.

Ultra-dominant from the quarter of an hour, the Old Lady continued to push. And Vlahovic woke up. In the area, the fox perfectly took over a cross from De Sciglio… on the crossbar! But who says strong pressure, also says danger on the counter-attacks. And on one of them, Lo Celso’s strike grazed Szczesny’s post, clearly beaten… Apart from that, the Polish goalkeeper had a fairly quiet first act, unlike his evening counterpart.

Terrible end to the game for Juve…

Rulli again had to work hard to repel a point-blank header from Vlahovic, who clearly grew in strength for 45 minutes. And Juve started the second act like the first. With enormous envy and aggression. The Villarreal goalkeeper was again called upon several times, notably on a missile from Rabiot, but he held on. Just like his defense, because the second period was almost one-sided. However, there was always a foot, a thigh or a header to prevent the Bianconeri from scoring…

Direction extensions, then? No, because Emery pulled Moreno and Coquelin out of his hat. The first found the second in the area, the latter obtained a penalty on a foul from Rugani, and his Spanish teammate did not tremble to convert (0-1, 78th)! A sledgehammer. A large. Followed by another: on a corner, Torres took advantage of a deflection from Aurier to make the break (0-2, 85th)! The mass was said, and Danjuma drove the point home from the penalty spot (0-3, 90 + 1st)! A standard of illusion for the Old Lady, yet another in the Champions League…

The score of the match: 6/10

The crazy ending goes up the note. Before that, we were entitled to only one real quarter of an hour Champions League : the first, when the two teams surrendered blow for blow. Then Juve took control, and Villarreal was content to defend before doing (very) badly at the end of the match. 30 minutes of real spectacle on 90 cheeks, therefore.

The goals :

– Moreno finds Coquelin in the area. The Frenchman is mowed down by Rugani, and the referee logically awards a Villarreal penalty after the call from the VAR. Facing Szczesny, Moreno does not tremble (0-1, 78th).

– On a corner, Aurier deviates from the head at the near post… directly at the feet of Torres, who shoots Szczesny at close range (0-2, 85′).

– In injury time, De Ligt throws himself and puts his arm in the path of the ball to prevent Chukwueze from scoring. Logical penalty, transformed by Danjuma (0-3, 90 + 1st).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Gernimo Rulli (8/10)

Who else ? Without a goalkeeper on fire, Villarreal would certainly have taken the door on Wednesday. But Rulli left the Turin attackers no chance, with several high-class saves on headers from Vlahovic or Morata. Like all great goalkeepers, he was also able to count on his luck with the crossbar found by the Serb or the incredible imbroglio between Morata and Cuadrado, who got in the way in a rather inexplicable way in the first period.


Wojciech Szczesny (4): hard to blame a goalkeeper who conceded two penalties and was shot point blank by Torres. But it’s at times like these that you differentiate the great doormen from those who are simply good. Beyond this observation, Szczesny has rarely reassured his defense, as evidenced by several missed raises.

Danilo (4): sometimes endangered by the accelerations of Danjuma, Danilo finally – and like all his team – sank at the end of the match. Chukwueze’s entrance hurt him.

Matthijs De Ligt (4): very solid in the first period, with several rough but legal interventions in the feet of the Spanish attackers, De Ligt also lost his footing at the end of the match. It was he who caused the 0-3 penalty with a voluntary hand to prevent Chukwueze from scoring.

Daniele Rugani (3): also author of 75 solid first minutes, Rugani lead his team by conceding the 1-0 penalty on Coquelin. With a rookie foul… And, for once, we can’t say that he faced an old rogue on the surfaces. Replace 78th minute with Paulo Dybala (not not)which we would have liked to see come into play sooner…

Mattia De Sciglio (5): De Sciglio contained Pino quite well in the first half, and he was interesting offensively with a superb cross for Vlahovic, who found the crossbar. At the end of the match, he also gave up.

Juan Cuadrado (6.5): arguably Juve’s best player today. It’s hard to blame the Colombian for anything as he multiplied his efforts on his right side. He could also have been credited with a decisive pass if not for Rulli’s superb save in front of Morata, or even with a goal if his Spanish team-mate had not embarrassed him – in a rather inexplicable way – in the first period.

Manuel Locatelli (5): rather interesting in the orientation of the game, Locatelli was unable to respond after the opening of the Spanish score, and he was replaced in the 83rd minute by Federico Bernardeschi (not not).

Arthur (5.5): always present to recover balls or break lines thanks to his quality of passing, Arthur did not die today but, like all his teammates, he lacked response after Moreno’s penalty.

Adrien Rabiot (6): a good match for the French midfielder. Even if he never takes too many risks in his transmissions, he showed great activity in midfield. Several recoveries are to his credit, just like this beautiful powerful shot which forced Rulli to box with both fists in the second period.

Dusan Vlahovic (5): a complicated match for Vlahovic, who finally had few interesting balls to put in his mouth. Scorer after 23 small seconds on the first leg, the Serb this time had to wait for half an hour to create a chance from nothing: from a tight angle, he perfectly took over a cross from De Sciglio… but the ball ended on the crossbar. We will also remember his header stopped by Rulli before the break.

Alvaro Morata (5): he was Juve’s most dangerous striker today. And he risks rehashing for a long time this resumption of the header stopped by Rulli at the start of the match. Could he have done better? Hard to say. On the other hand, he does seem to hinder his teammate Cuadrado during the first act when the Colombian was about to score in the empty goal. Replace the 85th minute with Moise Kean (not).


Gernimo Rulli (8): see above.

Serge Aurier (7): he certainly struggled against De Sciglio’s climbs at the start of the match, but the Ivorian international recovered well afterwards. Let’s also remember that his beautiful deflection of the head allows Torres to make the break at the end of the match.

Ral Albiol (6): when his team suffered, that is to say for 75 minutes, the captain of Villarreal answered present. Always calm, he also reassured his people in the second period during the big offensive phase of Juve.

Pau Torres (7): like Albiol, he too suffered for a good part of the match, but never panicked. In the end, it is he who definitely leads to the qualification of his team with this fox goal from a corner, after a deviation from Aurier.

P. Estupin (6): his slip could have been expensive but, fortunately for him, Morata and Cuadrado got in the way in a rather inexplicable way when the cage was wide open. Beyond that, Estupinan made some interesting offensive moves that posed big problems for the Turin defense.

Yeremi Pino (5): far from being sharp on his right side and rather well contained by De Sciglio, Pino was replaced in the 64th minute by Samuel Chimerenka Chukwueze (not not)who won the 3-0 penalty on a handball by De Ligt.

Daniel Parejo (7): Dani Parejo plays in costume and when the ball is at his feet everything looks easy. Turin, he still delighted thanks to his technique and his sharp passes to break lines. Replace the 86th minute with Alfonso Pedraza (not not).

Etienne Capoue (6.5): a good match for the French midfielder, who showed great activity in the midfield. He also hunkered down for 75 minutes, before hurting (very) late in the game in the exit of the ball.

Trigueros (5): Like Pino, Trigueros had a difficult first act against the big Turin domination, and he never really managed to make a difference on his left side. Replace the 64th minute with Francis Coquelin (not)who won the 1-0 penalty on a foul by Rugani, after the intervention of the VAR.

Giovani Lo Celso (6): holder in an advanced position around Danjuma, Lo Celso did not spare his efforts. He was also very close to finding the fault in the first period, but his shot went a few centimeters from the post. Replace 74th minute with Gerard Moreno (not not), who changed the course of the match by finding Coquelin in the box and then converting the penalty. We will also remember that he participated in the action which led to the second penalty.

Danjuma (7): a great performance for the Dutch international, who alternated between the tip and the left side. Against Danilo, Danjuma made huge differences but lacked precision in the last pass. This does not detract from his enormous activity, finally rewarded by this penalty scored in added time.

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JUVENTUS TURIN 0-3 VILLARREAL (mid-time: 0-0) – CHAMPIONS LEAGUE – 1/8th finals
Stadium: Allianz Stadium, Turin – Referee: Szymon Marciniak, Poland

Goals : – Gerard Moreno (78th, pen.) Pau Torres (85th) Danjuma (90+2nd, pen.) for VILLARREAL
Warnings : Mr. de Ligt (90th)for JUVENTUS TURIN

JUVENTUS TURIN : W. Szczesnydanilo, Mr. de Ligt, D. Rugani (P. Dybala, 79th)J. Cuadrado, Mr De SciglioMr. Locatelli (F. Bernardeschi, 83rd), A.RabiotarthurD.Vlahovic, Morata (M. Kean, 85th)

VILLARREAL : G. RulliAlbiol, Paul TorresS.Aurier, P. EstupinE. Capua, Dani Parejo (Alfonso Pedraza, 86th)Yeremi Pino (S. Chukwueze, 65th), Trigueros (F. Coquelin, 64th)G. Lo Celso (Gerard Moreno, 74th)Danjuma


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