2.5 Hours To Attempt To Remove 1.5 Kilograms Of Matted Fur From This Neglected Shih Tzu

A small Shih Tzu was covered in knots. He couldn’t move normally or see beyond the tip of his nose, until an association came to his aid. After mowing which made him lose 1.5 kilograms of hair, the dog shows his joy.

Jacka 9-year-old Shih Tzu, lives with his owner in Accrington in the Lancashire in England. A neighbor concerned for the well-being of the dog ended up calling the RSPCA, an association committed to respecting the integrity of animals. In effect, Jack was covered in dreadlocks. His hair was so tangled that it was impossible to brush him. The poor animal could no longer live normally. His fur covered his eyes and prevented him from moving easily.

Mowing needed

Emmaan inspector from the RSPCAtherefore traveled to the site to ascertain the state of health of Jack. The owner then said: “He has been my constant companion for six years. I love him dearly. He snuggles up to me on the couch and sleeps on my bed. We are such good friends”. Nevertheless, she admits to being overwhelmed: “I’ve been struggling lately and didn’t realize his fur had gotten so invasive and was causing trouble”.

After asking permission from the mistress, Emma took away Jack to Greater Manchester Animal Hospital of the charity association. The veterinary team took two and a half hours to remove a total of 1.5 kilograms of hair from Jack.

Article illustration: 2.5 hours to try to remove 1.5 kilograms of tangled fur from this neglected Shih Tzu

Fortunately, in spite of his coat in poor condition, Jack was in great shape. Emma told the Mirror: “Once his hair was removed, he looked exactly like you would expect from a dog of this breed and he seemed so happy! It must have been such a relief for him to be free of the uncomfortable excess weight he was carrying.”.

Jack’s landlady warmly thanked the RSPCA. She said: “I made a donation to the association, because I am very grateful for what they have done”.

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Article illustration: 2.5 hours to try to remove 1.5 kilograms of tangled fur from this neglected Shih Tzu

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