2 stray kittens come out of the bushes and cling tightly to their rescuers hoping for a better life

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Discovered on their own and hidden in a bush by the side of the road, 2 kittens clung to their rescuers, who did not disappoint them. Small felines will no longer have to suffer from cold, hunger and insecurity.

2 orphaned kittens were saved by passers-by and thus found a loving home, as reported lovemeow. The rescue took place in November 2021 and told by their benefactors on the account instagram that they dedicate to them.

That day, these people had seen the 2 little cats, barely a few weeks old, hiding in the bushes along a busy road. Someone had left food for them, but they were too young to eat it. It was very cold and the kittens, a ginger male and a calico female, were hungry and terrified.

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However, when passers-by approached them, the tiny felines came out of their hiding place to come meet them. The cat even tried to hold on to their legs. His brother was a little more withdrawn, but he too was clearly delighted that they were finally coming to their aid.

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Their benefactors knew they had to rescue them quickly, but they still stayed there for a while in the hope of seeing the mother of the kittens. The latter never appeared.

So they took the little cats home, where they cleaned them up and fed them formula. Warm and safe, their proteges were able to sleep and rest. The next day they were examined by a veterinarian, who found them to be in good health.

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Kittens no longer have a mother, but now have a family

The male kitten was called Max and the female Blue. The little ginger cat is a little bigger than her sister and has adorable pink pads. Blue is very affectionate and keeps trying to climb our legs explains his host family.

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She returned to the place where she had discovered them in search of their parent. Neighbors told them that the kittens had been abandoned without her a few days earlier.

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The young felines will therefore grow up without a mother, but within a family that loves them and takes care of them.

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