2 years after his disappearance, a cat finds his masters who had moved

Jehan and Morgane had lost their cat Youpi two years ago. They had the pleasant surprise of being contacted on May 3, 2022. Youpi was found safe and sound in the village.

Jehan and Morgan lived in 2020 at Chantepienot far from reindeerwith their cat named Yippee. The alley cat used to come and go as it pleased. One evening in August, Jehan came home from work and was surprised not to see him at home as usual. “Yet when we called him, he came immediately. He is a very well behaved cat. We had a great bond.”testifies Jehan to NewsRennes.

During the following days and months, Jehan and Morgan did everything possible to find their cat: search in the neighborhood, visit to the pound, numerous calls to the town hall, putting up posters in the shops of the village… But nothing helped, Yippee had completely disappeared. “We started thinking that someone had taken him away or that something serious had happened”testifies Jehan.

“A real miracle”

Tuesday, May 3, 2022, coup de theater. Morgan got a call from the vet. She immediately contacted her husband. “Morgan asked me if I was seated. Then she said to me: we found Youpi! I cried with joy. All the pressure came off, even after two years it was still working for me”Explain Jehan.

The runaway cat hadn’t gotten far, however. She is a woman residing near the former work of Jehan who found him. Having moved to Valves in 2021, Jehan and Morgan took the car without waiting and covered the hour’s journey that separated them from their companion.

The reunion was very emotional. Yippee is in great shape and even has a few extra pounds. Jehan would like to pass on to all those who like them have lost their pet: ” Do not lose hope “ !

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