2022 season – Why will Barcelona tryouts be without an audience or cameras?


Can’t wait to see them in action? So, we will still have to wait. This Wednesday, it all starts in Barcelona. At the yardstick of a season placed under the sign of the revolution with profound changes to the regulations, the whole paddock returns to Catalonia to show off the new liveries and already collect valuable data on the behavior of the single-seaters. But apart from the teams on site and a few accredited journalists, not many people were allowed to follow an event that was however expected.

F1 has thus decided that the public, which was often present during the pre-Covid years, will not be authorized. The cars will not be filmed, the cameras of F1 TV not even being invited to the party. The official live timing will not be included either. So why all this secrecy?

Season 2022

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Secret deal with Bahrain?

In reality, it is on the side of Bahrain that the explanation must be sought. Because if Barcelona has the right to its “pre-season session”, Sakhir is better off with its “official pre-season test”, from March 18 to 20, according to the terms used by F1.

What differences? On paper, none. But in terms of communication, it is Bahrain which will have the privilege of revealing to the general public the first images of the 20 single-seaters, and the famous traditional pre-season photo will also be taken on the Sakhir circuit. This “secret deal” signed between F1 and the Bahrain GP, ​​which is now on the calendar until 2036, aims to make the March 18 meeting the first official event of this season awaited by many.

From then on, in Barcelona, ​​old-fashioned test sessions await the teams. Tire tests, aerodynamic tests, short and long stints, DRS test: the teams should above all seek to optimize their settings without necessarily revealing themselves completely. Because one thing has not changed, however: these winter trials are always a good game of lying poker.

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Season 2022

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