A wolf dog has taken to waking up the house with howls hoping his friends will imitate him! (video)

© @angelarmcg / TikTok (screenshot) A video has gone viral on TikTok. And for good reason, a wolf-dog begins to howl in the house, and is immediately followed by his 2 other companions. A real canine choir! Prepare your ears, because you are about to listen to the latest single from the singing trio “ … Read more

Russia: Ivan Pavlov, lawyer for Alexei Navalny, arrested in Moscow

The Russian regime continues to tighten its grip around supporters of Alexei Navalny. A reputable lawyer for the opponent, Ivan Pavlov, was arrested on Friday in the hotel where he was staying in Moscow. He is accused of “disclosure of information on an investigation”, an offense punishable by three months in prison. The man is … Read more

Best life insurance 2022: the 4 association contracts awarded by Le Revenu

Historical and emblematic contracts, the multi-support life insurance policies offered by savers’ associations appeal to many policyholders. In 2022, the editorial staff of Le Revenu awarded a Gold Trophy to four association contracts. Present on the French life insurance market for some for more than 40 years, the associations of savers each bring together thousands, … Read more

Fish are also math savvy

AFP, published on Thursday, March 31, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. The circle of animals strong in math is widening: after primates, bees and birds, freshwater fish have shown elaborate numerical abilities up to calculation, according to a study published Thursday. The ability to perceive quantities has been demonstrated in all vertebrates, and even some invertebrates. … Read more

A dog who suffered a nervous pregnancy becomes the adoptive mother of 7 puppies! (Video)

© Nancy Boerner / TikTok (screenshot) In Texas (USA), a dog by the name of Lacey suffered a nervous pregnancy. Shortly after, she adopted the puppies from another female who was having difficulty caring for them. “ When our St. Hubert female dog, Belle, went into labor, Lacey decided she was going to have “false … Read more