Keep flies and mosquitoes away: the leaf trick

Flies and mosquitoes can make life difficult for us. To get rid of it, all the tricks are good to take. Spray, insecticides, bowl of vinegar and washing-up liquid, swatters, mosquito nets… Only one very effective trap stands out and it doesn’t require a lot of equipment, just a sheet of paper! Repelling flies and … Read more

Cats thrown on the bay window, dog beaten with a rope … A man sentenced to Tulle (Corrèze) for abuse of his animals

This Tullist had so far never been talked about. However, justice had to take a close interest in this young man aged 22 after the report to the police by the neighborhood of abuse committed on his animals. It was a neighbor who, from her terrace, was able to film the scenes in the apartment … Read more

Pascal Garbarini, lawyer for the Petit Bar gang, facing the judges

More than four years of sound system and dozens of hours of intercepted conversations, around twenty indictments in the context of a judicial investigation opened in 2018 at the specialized interregional jurisdiction of Marseille for aggravated money laundering, non-justification resources and criminal association. At the end of these investigations, the judges suspect the criminal lawyer … Read more