Nuts can be dangerous for your pet

We know the benefits of nuts on our health: they are e.gexcellent for blood pressure, helps fight inflammation and aging of our cells. But nuts can also be a real poison for animals. Especially the shell, which can contain a fungus as microscopic as it is dangerous. It is therefore useful to be vigilant, if … Read more

a Messina lawyer in revolt

While she was the lawyer for a man involved in the fatal fight that took place in June 2020 in an apartment on rue Kellermann in the Sablon district of Metz, a Metz lawyer is suspected of having disclosed information about the case to another defendant, who was then on the run. The investigation has … Read more

The video of a man rescuing a cat in danger during the rising waters of Storm Ian

This poor cat had somehow sought refuge in an air conditioner to avoid being swept away by the unprecedented flooding caused by Hurricane Ian, which hit Florida. Fortunately, a good Samaritan saw him and rushed outside to help him. © Megan Cruz Scavo / Video recording The scene was filmed by Megan Cruz Scavothe companion … Read more