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Friday, May 6, a large device was deployed following complaints from the neighborhood. 21 Belgian Malinois were discovered in a house near Dax living in extremely unsanitary conditions. The SPA is appealing for donations to heal their wounds.

A couple with children who live in the agglomeration of Dax in the Landes left himself overwhelm. Their Belgian Shepherd dog Malinois had puppies during the 2020 confinement. Unable to have the little ones adopted when they were weaned, the family could only observe their proliferation. When the SPA and the police were contacted, they were far from imagining the “dramatic conditions of the intervention.

Illustration of the article: 21 Malinois found locked in a house near Dax must still fight to recover their health
SPA South West Coast

A situation of “human and animal misery”

Neighbors have complained about noise and sanitary nuisances. And for good reason ! A squadron of firefighters, law enforcement, coveralls, as well as the SPA of Capbreton the 22 dogs and puppies discovered (including one deceased) were not too many to get out of this hell. The pregnant woman and her small children lived in fear amid the excrement. “Fights, hunger, dogs become unmanageable and rule the roost”said an officer of the SPA to South West.

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A worrying state of health

The SPA of the South West Coast took care of the 21 dogs. She says in a Facebook post: “Today we have to deal with very thin animals, they are about 10 kilograms short each. They are parasitized and injured. Surgeries following infected wounds will be necessary. Some dogs also have ear infections, and many other health concerns that we will discover little by little. »

The animal welfare organization has no other solution than to appeal for donations so that the dogs receive the best treatment. Solidarity will allow them to know one day a life worthy of the name.

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