30 million Friends is suing the master of the beaten puppy in the Vaucluse

The 30 million Friends Foundation has decided to file a complaint after the discovery of a puppy beaten with a pickaxe by his master in Orange (Vaucluse) this Sunday. The animal protection association also intends to file a civil action in this case, reports The Dauphine.

Lifelong consequences for the puppy

The Foundation hopes that the owner of the puppy, an 11-month-old Pointer, will receive an “exemplary sentence”. “It is unacceptable to hit your dog […] just because he barked,” said a member of the association.

The prognosis of the young dog is no longer engaged but he risks neurological sequelae for life because of this violence. He was placed in a shelter and his master, a young man of 23, was auditioned. He faces up to three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros for acts of cruelty to domestic animals.

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