38 cats saved from horror in Lessines: “They lived permanently in transport cages”

The Opale de Lessines and Les chats de Carine associations were called in to take care of dozens of cats following an eviction. The emergency was indeed present because without immediate care, all the cats risked euthanasia.

Arrived on the spot, the professionals faced the horror. “They were all locked in the basement of the house, in the dark in the presence of a nauseating odor“, specifies the Opale association. These cats lived permanently in transport cages, lined with litter with a bowl of water hung on the grid. Others stayed in large cages, crammed together at five or six. “They were all totally unable to move.”

The owner fled

All will be saved and taken care of except for twelve of them, whom the owner savagely loaded into her car before fleeing. Lost, she loved her cats and was convinced that they were at home. “We hope that she can be helped. Our structure has taken care of 24 of them, the association Les chats de Carine has taken care of 14”.

As soon as they arrived at the shelter, these unfortunate hairballs were sexed and placed in the various quarantines according to their state of health. “Their reaction when they are released from the transport cages is maddening. They return to hide there as soon as possible. Most cats remain in a ball in the litter and do not dare to discover the warmth of a basket. Some voluntarily tear their hair out, others have eye problems. Cats with long hair were full of knots stuck to the skin, they needed a good grooming”.

For all those who have lived locked in transport cages, the observation is the same: their hindquarters seem not very muscular and their gait remains delicate. Once again, the shelter has pushed the walls to save all these unfortunates. Four days after the seizure, the cats are now better. “Most of them remain very fearful and frightened, but some have already placed their trust in us. We remain convinced that with time, they will all become adorable“, concludes the association of Lessines.

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