40 hilarious photographs of your favorite animals

Nothing like it, to finish a complicated week, than looking at photographs of our favorite companions. Whether you are rather team dog or team catthe following article should please you, since it presents you with photographs of our totally hilarious four-legged animals. Something to make you smile as the weekend approaches !

1) my dog ​​is an alcoholic

2) a well-shod cat

3) diplodochat

4) “all this for me?!”

5) a half-man half-cat demon is born

6) when your drunk cat wants to go back to his room at 3am

7) this cat had to be shaved before surgery, and now looks like he’s wearing very strange socks

8) mergennnn

9) “my cat has joined my collection”

10) here is my dog’s very small computer, so that he can work at the same time as me

11) “my zoom meeting chat”

12) This cat loves bananas

13) Concealment

14) this cat sits like this all the time

15) posture, gaze: everything is there!

16) they are the same, aren’t they?

17) when an extrovert is best friends with an introvert

18) “my mom only wants to walk the dog like this in the rain”

19) these dogs are trying to summon a creature

20) these cats are performing a ritual too, better get away

21) “Are you going out alone girl? Take that attack cat with you”

22) “I drew my cat”

23) my cat shares with me his collar of shame

24) This dog is really scary

25) my dog ​​bites furniture to get my attention

26) my cat is a very bad driver

27) When I tell a joke to my cat, he makes this face

28) This mother cat is overwhelmed

29) I am convinced that my cat is demonic

30) I’m selling my cat, he has superpowers

31) my dog ​​waits patiently for me to give him the crumbs of my meals

32) my dog ​​is lazy

33) my cat loves to learn, I’m making him read proust right now

34) my kitten who ordered a blablachat

35) my cat knows how to soften me

36) This kitten raises its paw so we don’t forget to feed it

37) a perfect replica, isn’t it?

38) a new kind of demon is born

39) 1 second before impact

40) these two brothers are real alarms all on their own

And you, which photo of this article was your favorite? We let you answer this question via our comments area ! And if you want to discover animals with amazing physical characteristics, you can read our previous article on the subject.

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