5 April fools’ jokes committed by dogs as cute as they are sneaky!

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Our dogs are born pranksters. On this day of the 1er April promises to be rich in hoaxes and jokes of all kinds, our canid friends have every intention of joining the party and playing dirty tricks on us. They are not waiting for this special occasion to do so, as these photos prove.

1er April obliges, it is impossible not to pay tribute to the talent of dogs when it comes to them playing pranks on us. Whether they are “voluntary” or not, they are always quite successful and their 4-legged authors systematically succeed in making us fall into the trap.

Here are 5 April Fools cleverly concocted by our dogs to put us in a good mood.

1. Sullivan, the imaginary patient

Kennady Longhurst

Sullivan had a strange habit ; whenever its owners, Kennady and Alex, were about to go out to go to work, a surprising fit of coughing was triggered in this dog. The couple ended up taking him to the vet, who assured them he was in perfect health. Sullivan probably figured out that his fake cough was delaying the departure of his masters, allowing him to spend more time with them.

2. Maggie and her best smile

@eUniFiEd / Twitter

The owner of Maggie, a Shih Tzu/Chihuahua cross, had the scare of her life when she woke up one morning. Already intrigued by the disappearance of his dentures, he realized that it was the animal that had taken them to put them in his mouth. A joke worthy of an April Fool’s joke and which is reminiscent of that of the facetious Luna.

3. Sparky, the “melting” dog

Kennedy Simmons

Sparky, a 3-legged Italian Greyhound, begins to “melt” as soon as he notices that someone is trying to take a picture of him. A feature that makes him even more adorable in the eyes of Kennedy Simmons, the veterinary assistant who adopted him.

4. Dewey, the “2-legged dog” having fun in the snow

Sadie Swicker

The owner of Dewey simply wanted to take a panoramic photo of his dog while he was playing like a little crazy in the snow, but as so often with this photographic mode, we are sometimes entitled to a few surprises. For Dewey, it was 2 legs less and a surreal scene. We reassure you, he has all his limbs and he is doing wonderfully.

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5. Harper, the dog pretending to be lost for the love of petting

Alyson Aguerrebere

Harper has a habit of venturing into the streets near the one where she lives, and anyone who meets her without knowing her thinks she is lost. This is not the case at all, and the dog seems to take advantage of the situation by offering herself a few extra caresses from tender passers-by. To warn them, its owners had no choice but to hang signs explaining its little stratagem. ” I am Harper. I live here. I pretend to be lost for you to stop and caress me “, can we read there.


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