5 Reasons to Learn to Code Google Ads Scripts Now

When I was little, I loved fireworks.

Since childhood, the fourth of July has always been my favorite holiday.

And so, when I was a kid, I saved up Christmas money until July to get some cool things going well.

I remember rummaging through the discount bin at age nine, looking for something worthy of my bottom dollar.

Came across fireworks that I had never seen before. His name was “Little Sorcerer”.

And it was only a dollar. It was fate.

A few days later, I lit the wick of that one dollar firework and casually walked off, expecting only to see a few sparks and maybe some smoke.

Instead I had half a dozen missiles flying in different directions and then an explosion that must have rattled every window for two blocks.

It was the coolest time of my life, and I literally got more for my money.

Why am I raising this question, and what does it have to do with marketing?

Because the more I learn about Google Ads scripts, the more I realize that scripts can provide the best value in all of marketing.

Within hours (or minutes in some cases), you can automate tasks that save you hours of work each week.

Imagine having a free assistant that you only have to train once, and they work for you repeatedly without error.

It looks nice?

This is just the tip of the iceberg for Google Ads scripts.

If you are interested in becoming a better marketer, this tool is an incredible asset.

This article will break down common objections to learning scripting coding and why you should start today.

Look beyond your insecurities

I know what you are thinking right now. I have already been there.

Truth be told, I could still be here.

Here are three common reasons for going your entire career without learning how to use Google Ads scripts.

1. I can’t code

OK, that’s a pretty fair point.

Coding Google Ads scripts Requires knowledge of JavaScript.

And it’s a skill that takes time and energy to learn.

However, like most other things in life, coding Google Ads scripts seems harder than it is.

You will be happy to know that JavaScript coding is beginner-friendly.

2. I’m going to mess something up

Can you mess up a campaign with scripts?


But, luckily, there’s a preview tool that catches issues before you do any damage to live campaigns.

You can do a lot of things with scripts that don’t involve making actual changes to the campaign.

There are dozens of scripts that perform time-consuming tasks but do not make active changes to your campaigns, such as running reports and auditing campaigns.

3. Writing and deploying a script takes a long time

Writing a script can take some time if you are new to coding and trying to do something complicated.

However, there is a whole world of pre-made scripts that only need minor modifications to deploy to your campaigns.

If you’ve thought about automating something in Google Ads, someone has probably already written this script.

More to come on this later.

5 reasons to learn how to code Google Ads scripts now

1. Like a best friend, Google has you

Google currently has a robust and well-built catalog of information surrounding Google Ads Scripts.

This platform is a goldmine of information on using, developing, coding, and deploying scripts.

And the best part is that almost all of this information is beginner-friendly.

The Google Ads Scripts web page contains the following information:

  • guides: High level information on how scripts work and how to start creating them.
  • Reference: Provides code strings and explanations for all of the individual elements that make up a script. This section serves as a dictionary for the “language” of the scripts.
  • Examples: Access dozens of handy copy-and-paste scripts to use right away.
  • Support: Information on common issues and links to other resources, such as the Google Ads Script blog, which provides their latest updates and information.
Screenshot of the Google Ads Scripts page, March 2022

2. Scripts Can Do More Than Campaign Optimization

It’s a common misconception that scripts only serve to automate your campaigns.

Scripts can also have a multitude of uses, including but not limited to:

  • Creation and sending of reports.
  • Analysis of campaign performance.
  • Sending alerts.
  • Creation of extensions.
  • Bulk downloads.

Even on their own, it’s easy to see how each of these use cases can help transform the way PPC marketers work.

features on the Google Ads scripts pageScreenshot of the Google Ads Scripts page, March 2022

3. Google Ads scripts are easy to learn

It only requires entry-level knowledge of JavaScript to customize parts of a copy/paste script you found online or create a basic script from scratch.

Become a valuable asset to your business and your clients by expanding your PPC skills and learning to code.

Career Foundry lists JavaScript as one of its top 5 easiest coding languages ​​to learn.

JavaScript is also a popular programming language used by 97.9% of all websites.

Due to its popularity, you can find various resources online to help you create and modify Google Ad scripts, from Reddit to Google and everything in between.

4. Future-proof your career

Automation isn’t stopping anytime soon in Google Ads or marketing.

Tools like Zapier are becoming increasingly popular due to the time savings that automation saves time.

Microsoft has also made a significant commitment to automation with its Power Automation software.

Pardot, Hubspot, and SendInBlue do the same.

Automation is everywhere and Google is constantly rolling out new features in Google Ads to automate campaign management.

Automation is here to stay.

I’m not saying you should learn to code to quit marketing and change careers altogether.

However, Google Ads scripts are the backbone of automation in Google Ads.

Knowing how to use and create scripts will only become more important in the future.

Learning the skills to automate Google Ads will give you a head start and boost your career.

5. Google thinks scripts are important

You should notice that whatever Google puts its resources into, they deem essential.

For example, Google has gone to great lengths to launch a new Google Ads script experience recently.

This new experience has a completely rewritten backend to take advantage of the new Google Ads API features.”

Although it may seem like Google has unlimited resources, they decide where they invest their time.

So whenever something is released, trust that it is something they support and want you to believe.

Your next challenge

Deciding to learn, use, modify, and create Google Ads scripts can be daunting, but I wanted to leave you with a challenge.

Go to the Google Ads Script Developer Page and watch it.

Take a look at the different things you can do with scripts in your Google Ads campaigns and review the JavaScript code samples provided.


That’s the whole challenge.

Believe me, seeing all the potential opportunities that Google Ads scripts can provide will make you more excited to learn how to code them.

Good script!

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