The 30 Million Friends Foundation intervened to save 58 dogs and 1 rabbit from a catastrophic situation in Val d’Oise (20/10/2022). Accumulated, the animals lived among the detritus. Social services were contacted to take care of the people who had the animals.

Unthinkable. No less than 58 dogs and 1 rabbit lived on top of each other in an extremely unsanitary house in Val d’Oise. Accompanied by the municipal police and the association Brigade Animale Bénévole (BAB), the 30 Million Friends Foundation carried out the rescue in true chaos (20/10/2022).

Animals that live in the midst of excrement

At the entrance, our team observed ” a real landfill instead of the garden “. Radiators were next to bodies of 3 cars under rubble. ” The place was a veritable playground for rats and dogs », points out one of our journalists on the spot.

Inside, the decor is “Halloweenish”. Dozens of dogs in a deplorable condition circulate as they can amid excrement and urine-soaked newspapers. A rabbit is found locked in the toilet. Dirty cages hang over the bed. The scent is hard to wear.

Social misery

The animals were all donated to the 30 Million Friends Foundation. ” A pack of dogs were in bad shapenotes Arnaud, employed at the Tuilerie refuge. Most have parasite problems. Some have problems with the gums, holes in the hair. One of the dogs could not see anything. Another had a broken jaw… »

The garden was “a dumping ground, a veritable playground for rats and dogs”./©Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis

Taken to the shelter, these dogs will be ” cared for, sterilized and treated “. The most fearful ones will also be worked on before they are put up for adoption. The 30 Million Friends Foundation has also contacted the social authorities to ensure that the carriers are taken care of.