7 of the best services cheaper than iCloud, Google One and OneDrive

Cloud storage, although very widespread today, is still quite expensive. Here are 7 options that are more affordable than the big names on the market.

The storage in the clouds Still quite expensive: $10 per month for 2TB of storage has become the average amount for services like iCloud, Google One, and OneDrive. And our needs in this area are only increasing. Whether it’s for data backup, sharing long Zoom sessions or RAW video files or other, 10 GB is easily reached. And sometimes even with a single file.

If you’re looking for an affordable (or even free) service to share large files over the internet, here are some of the best options, depending on your needs.

Microsoft 365 Family: 6 TB of storage, divided into 6

Microsoft’s policy of putting everything into a single service is working very well for the company right now. This is why Microsoft 365 is so popular with businesses. A single subscription gives you access to the entire Office suite and Microsoft Teams, for multiple users.

The Microsoft 365 Family plan at $99 per year offers 6 TB of storage, divided into 6 accounts, and you can often find promotional offers at $90.

So you can have 6 TB of storage, but you will need to use six different accounts. Which may not be worth the candle.

iDrive: 5/10 TB of personal storage for the price of 1 TB

iDrive is a popular choice among backup solutions. But the platform also has a cloud storage offer with a large volume for a reasonable price.

iDrive is not a pure cloud storage solution. It is primarily a backup service that offers file sharing and collaboration features. A bit like Dropbox, but geared more towards backup than file synchronization. Although iDrive offers end-to-end encryption, it must be enabled by the user. And if you lose your encryption key, you will lose access to all your files.

You can still use iDrive to send files from your computer and share them with others. The 5TB offering costs $59 for the first year. There’s also a 10TB offering at $75 for the first year.

TeleDrive: free and unlimited cloud storage via Telegram

Telegram, the popular private messaging service, has an unlimited cloud storage feature. And it offers an API for applications to take advantage of it. What TeleDrive did. A simple dashboard that allows unlimited sending and sharing of files on the web.

The free offer is however limited to 1.5 GB per day and 2 GB maximum for sending and receiving, but you can remove these limitations by paying $10 per year.

The only problem with this solution is that it depends on the Telegram API. If Telegram decides to make it disappear, TeleDrive also disappears.

pCloud: lifetime cloud storage

pCloud is another secure cloud storage provider that has two major advantages. The first is that it offers 10 GB of free storage – much more than its competitors. The second, it offers lifetime storage. It’s a good option for those who don’t want to pay every month.

As of this writing, the 500GB offering is $175, and the 2TB option is $350. pCloud also has annual plans, but at $99 per month for 2TB, we can’t recommend this option (you can get Google One or iCloud+ for that price).

Icedrive: lots of storage, privacy first

Icedrive is a cloud backup service that prioritizes privacy and security. End-to-end encryption. You generate the key on your device and it never arrives on Icedrive’s servers. This means that no one, not even Icedrive, can access your data.

The price is also reasonable. You get 10GB of free storage, and the 5TB plan comes at $15 per month. It’s not as affordable as iDrive, but if privacy is very important to you, it’s worth a shot.

Mega: 20 GB free, 8 TB very affordable

Mega is a cloud storage and data sharing solution that has always been controversial (because it is very easy to use it to share illegal content). But in recent years, Mega has matured. We can’t recommend the platform as your primary backup solution, but it’s a great option for sharing large files for free (or at little cost).

Mega is the only cloud storage site on this list to offer 20 GB for free. And if you want to pay, you can enjoy 8TB for around $22 per month, or 16TB for $34. Lots of storage for little money.

WeTransfer: free, but for temporary data

WeTransfer is a very popular data sharing service, but not really a cloud storage tool. It’s very simple: you can send files weighing up to 2 GB and generate a link that will remain active for 7 days. You can create as many links as you want. If you want to share large files and having them deleted within a week is not a problem, WeTransfer is a safe option.

With the $12 per month plan, you can send files up to 200 GB and you’ll have 1 TB of personal storage. This WeTransfer Pro offer is not exactly affordable, just use the free offer when you need it.

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