99% failed on first attempt

Currently, viral challenges remain among the favorites of users of social networks such as Facebook. These visual puzzles not only help us to exponentially improve our mental abilities, but also offer us great moments of wholesome fun; that’s why we bring you this viral challenge that will leave you thinking.

So today we want to introduce you to a new logic challenge from WTMW that is causing a stir, but has also caused huge headaches among millions of Internet users. What should you do ? It’s simple, look at the following image in which you will see a beach landscape filled with rocks, but in which there is hidden a baby seal. Only 99% of people managed to solve it.

This image was shared by National Park of Acadia, Maine, USA, and the vast majority of those who have tried to solve this riddle have been unsuccessful, proving that this is going to be one of the toughest challenges of the day.

Viral challenge image: where is the baby seal hiding?

© Acadia National Park/Facebook


Did you manage to find the hidden baby seal? If your answer is yes, congratulations! But if you are still looking, below we give you all the advice you need to be successful.

It should be remembered that seals can sometimes be observed near the coast, as well as near coastal ports and, According to park authorities, they like to bask on rocky outcrops or on the shores of islands. So, in this logic challenge, you will have to observe between the rocks to find the seal. If you do not succeed, you will find the answer in the image below.

© Acadia National Park/Facebook

We know you had a great time trying to solve this viral challenge. We therefore invite you to search for other logic puzzles so that, together with your friends and family, you can continue to increase your cognitive abilities.

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