A 6-week-old kitten takes 3 newborn felines under her wing

Binx isn’t even 2 months old, but he’s already acting like a big one. The love he showed to a litter of orphaned cats is so unique that it left the members of the KC Pet Project speechless.


The volunteers have never seen such a feline” responsible “that Binxthey wrote further Facebook May last year. And with good reason, this one was found on the street accompanied by 3 small male kittens, with whom he displayed an extraordinary protective spirit, reports HuffPost.

He is a local resident who met them in the US state Missouriclose Kansas City. By depositing the 4 cats at KC Pet Projectan animal rescue association, he says he found it Binx took care of the 3 orphaned kittens who were his own.

Illustration of the article: A young kitten of 6 weeks takes under its wing 3 small felines that have just been born

KC Pet Project/Facebook

The mother cat for the 3 young males could not be found and they could not eat mother’s milk, which is so crucial for their development. But Binx will still do his best to help them, reported Tori Fugatevoluntary.

It was impossible to remain insensitive to so much tenderness…

“It’s the sweetest thing in the world”

Members of the shelter couldn’t help but share this ” cuteness » on their side Facebook, which attracted thousands of internet users. ” Binx should rule the world! wrote a user.

The bond between the black hairball and the 2-week-old young kittens was so unique that they all joined the same foster family, because at the same time as I said Tori Fugatehow could they be separated? »

Everything went great for the 4 inseparable kittens who were then put up for adoption to join their family for life.

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