A beaten dog thrown into the Saint-Chamas canal

A feeling of deep disgust!“Yesterday, Philippe Adam did not mince his words. It must be said that the president of the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) in Salon had reason to be depressed. The day before, he received a call that all animal defenders fear, the one of the municipal police (of Saint-Chamas), informing him of a macabre discovery. In this case, the municipal agents discovered, in a bag which was floating on the waters of the canal, the body of a dog which, according to a veterinarian who carried out the autopsy of the animal, he was beaten ante-mortem. The flanks of the animal also bear a significant wound that nothing can justify. Especially since the dog, a griffin or a Basset Fauve-Creme de Bretagne, aged, is a harmless dog.”It’s a nameless act of barbarismgets carried away Philippe Adam. I can understand that people try to give up their dog because they can’t afford it anymore or don’t have the means, but this…“”That”, these are”acts of barbarism“, recognized by French law as an offense punishable today by five years in prison and a fine of €45,000.

The autopsy of the corpse did not make it possible to determine whether the dog had died before being plunged into the water but, underlines Philippe Adam, “he had his legs tied” and was put in an advertising bag before staying in the water for a long time. The SPA will therefore file a complaint against X and call for witnesses to identify the owner of the animal. as much as the Saint-Chamas canal takes its sources in Beaumont-de-Pertuis in the Vaucluse and crosses several villages.The dog, who was not microchipped, has medium-long and hard hair, weighed about 10 kg, droopy triangular ears and wore his collar which must have been faded beige/gold with black underside. [email protected]. Anonymity is guaranteed.

In September 2020, it was the gendarmes who discovered the body of a dog thrown into the canal in Lançon. The investigation had nevertheless shown that the dog had died of natural causes and that a third party had thrown the body into the canal to get rid of it.

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