a bill announced for January 2022

We are going to create the French crop insurance system , assured Emmanuel Macron, on September 10 on the occasion of the Terres de Jim festival in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. The President detailed the developments planned to support farmers in dealing with the risks to crops posed by climate change.

The government intends to allocate responsibilities according to the intensity of the hazard. When it is exceptional, farmers will benefit from national intervention: each year, funds from the State and from Europe will be mobilized to the tune of 600 million euros for crop insurance.

For low and medium intensity risks, the government wishes to encourage farmers to take out insurance. State compensation will thus be more generous for policyholders.detailed the Minister of Agriculture. Insurance will be more tightly regulated so that anyone who wants to insure can do so. The more farmers play the prevention card, the more attractive insurance will be. Tripartite governance will be put in place, combining the state, farmers and insurers and reinsurers, which will make it possible to record and monitor each party’s commitments over time.

In addition, a single point of contact will be created for faster compensation for damages and to guarantee a single method for calculating losses.

Ongoing reflections within the Varenne agricole de l’eau

This overhaul, which stems from the work on the question of the deputy Frdric Descrozaille, is more broadly part of the reflections on the positioning of agriculture in the face of climate change in Varenne agricole de l’eau.

The avenues proposed are not, however, unanimous among the agricultural unions. If they have been welcomed by the FNSEA and Young Farmers, the Peasant Confederation is skeptical. It will be left to the discretion of the insurers to decide which territories and which productions are too risky to be entitled to an insurance contract, the union worries. Hence the risk of seeing our landscapes profoundly modified in terms of profitability objectives. The government plans to translate these ideas into a bill put forward by the Minister of Agriculture. The latter is expected to be reviewed in Parliament in January 2022.

Article published on September 13, 2021


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