a biting dog placed in the pound

Around 5.40 p.m., a witness who had come as a neighbor looking for a bit of nature near Boulevard Jacques-Chaban-Delmas, in Bruges, dialed 17 and alerted to the restless and aggressive presence of a dog that he initially thought to wander off near the play area.

He was not kept on a leash by his owner, who was asked in vain to call his animal back. But the dog, who seemed excited or panicked by the cries and races of the children or by the parents who did not hesitate to use a stick or piece of wood found on the ground in order to defend their offspring, did nothing but at his head.

Unintentional injuries

And he bared and gave fangs, sometimes hitting his targets. A child was injured in the back, an adult in the hip, and another dog was also bitten. Firefighters were called to help and administered first aid.

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