A black cat scares away a big brown bear without anyone’s help! (video)

While a group of fishermen were making a fire in the forest, they received a surprise visit from a large brown bear. The cat that was with them will then show extraordinary courage for long seconds full of excitement…


In mid-August, Sergey Tarasov and his friends went to the forest Siberia for a day of fishing with Vasyaa black cat, it reported Siberian Times. At the end of the day, everyone gathered around a campfire, but the peace they were enjoying was soon interrupted by the arrival of a large brown bear…

An unexpected guest

The predator has decided to invite itself to the site, although they are known to be repulsed by smoke. What he didn’t know was that he was going to face a tough opponent. Vasya the cat wasn’t going to let him join the party…

In a video taken by Sergeiwe see the cat approaching the bear, and the attitude of Vasya suggesting he wasn’t there to make a new friend! Crouching back, he quickly made it clear that he was not welcome.

Vasya did not flinch at the size of the beast that stood before him. It was even the latter who remained on his guard. It circles the cat, but never really seems ready to attack it. He ends up leaving the premises, under the watchful eye of Vasya.

The black cat surprised everyone

The cat defended its territory remarkably well despite its small size. He scared the people who tried to bring him back to the campfire, but they can be reassured to have a real bodyguard in their company!

Illustration of the article: A black cat scares away a big brown bear without anyone's help!  (video)

Sergey Tarasov/YouTube

Their reactions can be heard in the video. One of the fishermen is so relieved about the achievements Vasyaas he promised her” the largest piece of meat ” until evening. The cat’s mistress did not realize that he was also ” fearless “.

It is clear that this impressive event contradicts the famous saying: ” it is not the small beast that eats the big one “. The small Vasya didn’t have to do much to scare the big wild animal away…

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