A bogus lawyer targeted by several complaints after defrauding dozens of undocumented migrants

He was the agent of choreographer Mia Frye, he is now in the sights of justice. Azzedine Jamal is said to have set up a vast scam to allow undocumented people to obtain a residence permit. Against a sum ranging from 5,000 to 9,000 euros, he promised them support for their administrative procedures with a view to regularization, within two to three months. An asking price well above the 1,500 euros usually claimed for this type of procedure.

It is the online media StreetPress which revealed this affair on Monday. “During this investigation, we have formally identified 79 victims of his shenanigans, including 55 undocumented people,” writes the pure player who adds that Azzedine Jamal would have pocketed the comfortable sum of 200,000 euros thanks to his maneuvers.

“Business introducers” responsible for finding undocumented migrants

His modus operandi was elaborate to say the least. Through job offers, published on dedicated platforms, Azzedine Jamal recruited “business contributors”. Anyone could apply for a post of “assistant lawyer” or “lawyer in foreigners’ law” and no competence in the matter was required. These people were then responsible for finding undocumented migrants to regularize and “bringing” them to Azzedine Jamal. According to StreetPress, these “business contributors” could receive a fairly substantial salary of up to 3,900 euros gross monthly. The contracts offered were permanent contracts in order to attract as many people as possible. To give credibility to his company, Azzedine Jamal had usurped the name of a law firm, which actually exists, called “JS Law”.

“False” revelations according to Azzedine Jamal

With AFP, the principal concerned defined himself as “artist, agent and self-taught lawyer” but he denies having presented himself as a lawyer. According to him, the StreetPress article is “defamatory, incriminating” as well as a “false bomb”. In particular, he refutes the sums claimed and claims to have never received “more than 2,000 euros” per client. He argues by explaining that these customers “set their own prices”. However, many “little hands” of Azzedine Jamal quickly began to doubt the veracity of his project. The man in his thirties did not refuse any application and the delays to obtain the regularization of undocumented migrants became abnormally long. Four “business introducers” even received salaries well below what they had been promised. These four have also filed a complaint against Azzedine Jamal for “usurpation of the quality of lawyer, fraud and concealed work” with the court of Bobigny.

This affair, revealed by StreetPress, embarrasses another editorial staff: Politis. Indeed, Azzedine Jamal is none other than the spouse of Gilles Wullus, editor-in-chief of the weekly. In a press release, published on Monday, the newspaper’s management said it was “totally unrelated to this extremely serious matter” before adding that Gilles Wullus had been “removed from his functions and responsibilities at the newspaper “.

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