A cachectic and abandoned dog on the side of the road snuggles up to her rescuer and never leaves her again

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In early February 2020, a couple had a heartbreaking encounter. A rickety young dog wandered desperately along the side of the road.

Coming home from work, the Lenker saw an animal on the side of the road, an animal they thought was a fawn. As they approached closer, they discovered their mistake: it was an extremely thin dog.

Once the vehicle is stopped, Chris came out and called the canine, reports Dogs Inspiration. Alas, the frightened wanderer has taken her paws around her neck. ” I couldn’t see her anymore and we were about to leaveexplained the young woman, however I had a hunch. Fortunately, she ended up finding the quadruped hidden behind a fence.

The latter overcame his shyness and decided to try his luck. “ She wrapped her paws around my neck and let me take her back to the carindicated the good soul, she was scared, but I could tell she believed in me… We seemed to have been brought together for a good reason. »

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The female dog will never have to be afraid again

Once in the car, the dog realized that she was finally safe. When her benefactor caressed her, she literally sat on her. ” It was as if a wave of relief had washed over her. She stayed on my lap the rest of the way added the passenger.

© Kris Lenker

The couple, who think their protege has been abandoned, have prepared a cozy little nest for her. The ball of fur, baptized Rebaquickly felt comfortable in the house of her heroes, who already had several dogs.

© Kris Lenker

When she lived outside, Reba was afraid to follow humans. Now she refuses to leave her new home. The survivor even insists with her “adoptive mother” to be carried into the garden! ” I think she’s still terrified of being abandoned “said his guardian angel.

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© Kris Lenker

As the days go by, Reba gained weight. His favorite pastime? Snuggle up to your rescuers and shower them with kisses. Today, he is a full member of the family. ” We fell in love with her “, concluded the couple.


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