A car insurance quote to be insured at the best price…

Do you take out car insurance? Find out what is the point of getting a car insurance quote beforehand.

Why get a car insurance quote online?

Whether it is for a first subscription or a change of insurer, it is essential that your car insurance is adapted to your real needs in terms of coverage, contract and price. This is why it is recommended to make a car insurance quote, a service offered by MAAF Assurances which allows you to find the best offer in a few minutes.

With a car insurance quote, you can:

  • Know precisely the guarantees and options that best suit your vehicle according to its age and condition, as well as your driver profile;
  • Reliably estimate the cost of your car insurance and pay the fairest price;
  • … But also take out tailor-made car insurance with ease.

What are the steps required to get a car insurance quote?

Getting a car insurance quote online is quick and easy. All you have to do is fill out an online form that has several parts that you need to fill out. Here are the essential steps to obtain an estimate of the cost and the auto insurance contract that corresponds to your needs:

  • At the stage devoted to the car to be insured, you must enter the make, model, registration number, engine, optional equipment, type of use, mileage traveled per year, or age of the vehicle ;
  • During the stage dedicated to the driver, you will be asked to provide information concerning your driving license (seniority of the license in particular), your driving history (bonus or penalty) and your experience as a driver (young or experienced driver) ;
  • In the third and final step, you get a reliable estimate of the car insurance that suits you best based on the previous information.

In some cases, you have the option of making a car insurance quote by directly choosing the brand of your car in the tab provided for this purpose.

Variety of car insurance plans

Each insurer offers mandatory guarantees, additional guarantees as well as options depending on the needs of the insured. An auto insurance contract must include civil liability coverage, but it is possible to supplement it with optional coverages such as those that protect your car against theft, fire, damage, glass breakage, etc. All-risk car insurance remains the option that offers the best coverage and is particularly suitable for a new car. There are also formulas more suited to older vehicles. Third-party warranties, on the other hand, guarantee protection for the driver against bodily injury, including if he is responsible for an accident.

It should be noted that you have the possibility of adding options and additional guarantees according to your needs, even if your car insurance quote has been carried out. Also, keep in mind that the most advantageous insurance is not the one with the lowest price, but the one that offers you the best protection and the best assistance.

It’s possible to change insurer at any time

Know that you can cancel your current car insurance contract and change insurer whenever you want thanks to the Hamon law. You can easily find a termination letter template online to facilitate this procedure. Be aware, however, that your current insurer is able to take the cancellation steps for you if you wish. This is a service that saves you time and makes it easier for you to choose your car insurance. Online comparators offer a selection of the best offers to find your tailor-made car insurance. Thanks to their services, you can compare the different offers from car insurers in just a few clicks.

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