A cat and her kittens abandoned in a transport crate on the sidewalk happy to enjoy their new cozy nest


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A cat and her babies were discovered on the sidewalk in Las Vegas (USA). The hairballs, locked in a transport crate, were recovered and brought to safety.

People reportedly left shipping crates on a sidewalk in Vegas and would have moved away without looking back, reports an article published in the columns of lovemeow Saturday, February 12, 2022. In the first, stood a cat and her 6 kittens; the second contained 2 adult cats, which would be the mother’s brother and sister.

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Fortunately, passersby reached out to these souls in pain, cowardly abandoned. The Good Samaritans kept the felines warm for a night and called for help. Everyone deserved a better life.

A local association took charge of the 2 adults, in order to sterilize them and offer them for adoption. As for the mother and her offspring, they were placed in foster care. This is Ellen Richter who opened the doors of his home to them.

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Cats are now safe

The cat, named valentina, was exhausted as a result of this ordeal. ” She lay down and fell into a deep sleepsaid his benefactress, I sat on the floor, talking to her softly, letting her know that she didn’t have to worry anymore. »

© Ellen Richter

The beautiful survivor quickly came out of her shell and regained her strength. Now enjoying a comfortable nest and an all-you-can-eat buffet, she can’t help but purr with pleasure.

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Over time, valentina was extremely affectionate towards her foster mother. Besides asking for cuddles, she is also very protective of her kittens.

They have a roof over their heads and everything they need to grow big and strong. valentina seems delighted that a caring woman is helping the apple of his eye to blossom.

© Ellen Richter

When I sit with her on the floor, she just wants to be next to me and craves human affectiontold Ellen, I tell her how beautiful she is, and assure her that we will find her a home that will love and cherish her. »

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© Ellen Richter

Hairballs will never have to worry about their fate again. The fairy who welcomed them pampers them daily and plans to find the ideal home for each, where they can live the VIP life they have always deserved.


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