A cat befriended a mouse it was supposed to catch, impressive!

Cats generally have a hunting instinct, and although they are domesticated animals, the desire to capture prey does not go away. Therefore, we can see many felines grabbing their loot one way or another. Yet for this cat who befriended a mouse, his opinion is different.

Recently, a video on social media went viral showing a cat letting a mouse walk up to its water bowl and drink. The curious scene occurred in the town of Punta Arenas, Chile, and the cat’s owner, Benjamín Sagredo, shared the video of his cat Simón.

Simon has since become an Internet superstar, because he considers the mouse like any friend.


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Before filming the sequence, Benjamin had always heard strange noises in the kitchen, but since they weren’t very loud, he never paid attention to them.

Benjamin told The Dodo:

“We didn’t know what it was. We had seen Simon play with something under a couch before, but we hadn’t paid attention. »

It seems that Simon knew where the noises were coming from and, instead of chasing the intruder, he decided to welcome him warmly.

Finally, one morning, while Benjamin was going to the kitchen, he understood the reason for these noises, because he came across an incredible scene. A mouse lived in her kitchen, but instead of chasing her to catch her, her cat has decided to make her her new best friend.

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Benjamin said:

“I decided to record it. I thought no one would believe me. »

The little mouse was drinking water from her cat’s bowl, and Simon didn’t seem uncomfortable or surprised by the rodent’s company. It seems that the big-hearted feline has befriended with the little animal and, although his owner asked him to catch him, Simon only looked at him and stroked him.

In the video, it is clear that the cat “gives permission” to the mouse to drink from its water and just watches it. Also, after a few seconds, Simon carefully extends his paw towards the mouse, as if to tell him that everything is fine.

© Instagram/ benjoandres

The man found this situation quite strange and curious, so he decided to share it on the Internet for people to contemplate this friendship.

Although Benjamin was a little taken aback, his cat’s friendly reaction brought him to his senses and he was overwhelmed with compassion for the little mouse.

Benjamin added:

“I took pity on the little mouse. I couldn’t think of hurting her. I called him Chefcito.

Simon grew up with two dogs, so his personality shows he’s almost like a third dog, which explains his reaction a bit.

However, Benjamin, like everyone else, is still amazed by the unlikely friendship between cat and mouse. After this moving scenethe man took Chefcito in his arms and led him out of his house.

But it seems the friendly mouse had other plans in mind, and she knew she had a new friend in the house.

Benjamin commented:

“She came back several times. We love that Simon accepts it. He is a very affectionate and sociable cat. If Chefcito keeps coming back, we’re going to have to adopt him. »

© Instagram/ benjoandres

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