A cat discreetly invites himself on his family’s road trip and becomes famous!

For Delilah, letting her family go on a trip without her was out of the question. So she took the lead and hid in the vehicle!


In August 2022, Andrea Scholten and his family boarded in their camper, direction oshkosh (United States), to participate in an aerial meeting. They intended to leave their pussy, Delilah, home. But this program was not to the taste of the main interested party, who managed to discreetly infiltrate the vehicle.

It was only after their 1,500 kilometer journey that the family discovered the feline.

In order not to be driven home, Delilah was very discreet throughout the trip. It wasn’t until 1,500 kilometers later, when the family had arrived at their destination, that the cat appeared. “I open the door and in comes Delilah“, Remember Andreastill amazed at the sequence of events.

The family had to react quickly. “We bought him food, bedding, a collar to write his name on because we were completely unprepared for this.”, they declared, in words reported by HuffPost.

The cat has adapted very well to the life of an adventurer

The family of Delilah decided to give her a chance and see if she could adjust to camping life. If necessary, they would have placed her in boarding school for the duration of her stay. But the cat behaved perfectly and even loved his holiday. Especially the air show the family had come for. Delilah really enjoyed following the planes and their pirouettes in the sky.

An aerial figure in honor of the now famous cat

Andrea shared her story on social media and laughed at the unexpected turn their road trip had taken. The release was very successful, so much so that the organizers of the air show heard about it Delilah. An aerial figure was even erected in his honor, leaving a fleeting drawing of a cat in the sky. Something to please the whole family!

Thanks to his impeccable behavior during the stay, Delilah won the right to take his family on all future road trips! We wish him many nice trips!

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