A cat is stuck 15 meters high in a tree: the inhabitants compete in ingenuity to free it – Rescue

A cat is stuck 15 meters high in a tree

In Villé, a town located in the Bas-Rhin, a resident had a brilliant idea to come to the aid of a cat.

Tuesday, February 15, a man had the idea to call France Bleu Alsace radio to report a cat stuck at the top of a tree.

The inhabitants do everything to save it

The listener is a real animal lover. He called the radio with great emotion, indicating that a poor tomcat had been stuck at the top of a large tree in his street since Monday noon.

The tomcat was 15 meters above the ground. Unfortunately, he could no longer descend on his own.

The inhabitants of the district had already reported the tomcat to the firefighters and the town hall. Unfortunately, the municipality indicated that they did not have the technical equipment to intervene and save the tomcat.

A tree pruning company answers the call

The man therefore had the idea of ​​calling the radio, because he was looking by all means to help the tomcat.

It was finally a pruning company that intervened this Tuesday, February 15 at 6 p.m. The cat was rescued and is now safe and sound.

He was taken to a veterinarian for examination. For the moment, its potential masters have not yet manifested themselves.

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