A cat spoiled by her neighbor decides to move with all her kittens

Cat: A unique relationship. Thanks to YouTube and other social networks, the tender story of a strong friendship that won the hearts of users became known.

It all started when a young man recorded the exact moment a female cat moved into his home with her kittens, only a few weeks old, to receive his affection and stay by his side.

A boy apparently took a little time each day to pet and play with the adorable pet owned by his neighbor, who lives next door to him. That’s why they quickly became ” best friends “.

A young man was still petting his neighbor’s pet, so they struck up a cute friendship. Photo: YouTube capture

After a few months, the feline welcomed her little ones and thought it would be good to be next to her ” companion“. So she carried each of them with her muzzle to sneak them into the house.

That day, the boy was out and when he returned, he had a huge surprise. That’s when he took out his cell phone to record her remotely so as not to interrupt her, unaware that the other kittens were already lying on her bed.

Don’t miss the full video of this cat carrying her kittens:

He eventually posted the images on a channel dedicated to animals on the platform Youtube. With over 15,000 views, they went trending within hours. “When the neighbor’s kitten decides to move in”, he wrote in the description.

What a great story, we love it!

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