a cat takes her kittens to the vet for help [VIDEO]

Cat: They say a mother will do anything to see her children healthy. We have millions of examples in our history, but this does not only happen in human life, but also in animal life. Moreover, they are the ones who showed greater devotion to their offspring than the humans themselves, leaving us with images like the one we see in this viral video.

As has been the case over the past few months, as we have moved from confinement to ” return to a new normal and back home – in some countries – to deal with this COVID-19 pandemic, viruses have allowed us to escape the routine. These videos gave us another perspective on what happened in our parallel daily lives.


This is how this note appeared and is going viral in different Latin American countries and also in Spain. It all happened in Turkey, in a veterinarian’s office in Izmir. A cat appeared on the premises of this animal help center, but not alone, but with her kittens so that they could be cared for. The response from doctors was applauded around the world.


Three kittens were immediately examined by veterinarians, who noticed that the kittens were suffering from an eye infection. They were therefore given eye drops to gradually open their eyes, which saved them a fate that could have been tragic. Thus, the little ones were saved thanks to their mother’s intuition.

This case has been applauded and recognized worldwide for how an animal mother’s intuition managed to save her young puppies, a similar event that happened at a veterinary clinic in Brazil, where a puppy is also came to ask for help with a paw condition.

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