A cat that has been missing for 2 months seen on a surveillance camera with a… fox!

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Taken by chance, a photo showing a surprising face-to-face between a fox and a cat allowed the latter to find his family. The owners of the feline had been looking for him for almost 2 months.

Carolyn Meadow lives at saco in Maine (northeastern United States). Passionate about nature and animals, she had installed an infrared camera behind her house to contemplate the nocturnal activity of the local fauna. She didn’t expect her device to lead to a reunion between a lost cat and her family, as reported Bangor Daily News.

The camera immortalized an astonishing scene on the afternoon of November 24; a completely peaceful encounter between a cat and a fox. The 2 animals were only a few centimeters apart and observed each other.

Carolyn Meadow

The cat had been seen several times in the neighborhood over the past month. Carolyn Meadow was afraid that he would make a bad encounter. So when she saw the goupil’s attitude towards her, she was relieved.

Shevenell Webba biologist with the Maine Department of Fish and Wildlife, explains that “ the common fox is an opportunistic predator that could kill domestic cats, but it’s probably not that common. Cats are quite capable of defending themselves and climbing trees to escape predators “. The specialist adds that the photo shows more of a posture of curiosity in the 2 animals: “ neither of them seem concerned about being so close to each other “.

A night, Carolyn Meadow was able to approach the cat and figure out from its friendly demeanor that it most likely had a family somewhere. She got into the habit of feeding him and the feline’s visits were more and more frequent. Then her sister-in-law started flipping through the pages Facebook devoted to animals lost in the region, to finally find the right publication.

Thumper owners had been looking for him for weeks

In the post in question, we were talking about a cat called thumper who had disappeared almost 2 months earlier in Old Orchard Beach, a handful of kilometers away. Its owner Katy Kerry was about to move to Utah and had temporarily settled in the nearby community ofOcean Park, the time to finalize the sale of his house and prepare for his departure. A few days after arriving at his temporary home, thumper had vanished.

Chelsea Tarbox

Chelsea Tarboxthe daughter of Katy Perry, explains that the family had adopted this cat 5 years before and that he used to venture outside. However, he had never been away for so long. They had never stopped looking for him, without result.

Katy Perry had to resolve to go to Utah without thumperwhile her daughter had returned home to Boston. The joy they felt when they learned that the cat had been found safe and sound was immeasurable.

thumper will spend a few weeks with Chelsea Tarbox in Massachusetts, then will join his mother in Utah.

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Chelsea Tarbox


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