A complaint filed against the mayor of Brinay, accused of ordering a hunter to kill two domestic dogs in Nièvre

A complaint was lodged by a couple in the gendarmerie against the mayor of Brinay. He accuses the city council member of having their dogs shot when he considers that it was not necessary.

A couple of Biches had left for the day in Nevers, Saturday 15 October, leaving their dogs locked in the yard of their home. They decided to escape. According to Jean-François Struis, partner of the legal owner of the dogs, “when we came back in the evening, the dogs could not be found, there was a hole in the fence. We understood that they had escaped. After a good part of the evening in vain at looking for them, we placed ads on specialized sites. »

The next day, still with no news of their animals, the couple resumes the search. “On Monday 17 October we started calling the neighboring town halls to ask if they had seen anything. Nothing either. Finally, when I came across Dutch people living in the area, they told me that the dogs had been shot in Brinay. The town hall, which we had yet to call. »

Why didn’t the mayor warn the gendarmerie before making this decision? Why not call a vet afterwards?

The couple then went straight to the mayor. Laura Glonin and Jean-François Struis, the owners of the dogs, claim that the mayor told them that he ordered a hunter to kill them with a shotgun because they ate some rabbits whose carcasses he had removed by destroying, and that he took full responsibility for them. .

Contacted, the mayor of the town of Brinay, Pierre Tissier-Marlot, did not want to answer “as an investigation is underway”.

An open investigation

What questions are the pair, “why didn’t the mayor warn the gendarmerie before making this decision? Why not call a vet afterwards? Our dogs were tame and chipped,” laments Jean-François Struis.

On Tuesday, October 18, a complaint was finally filed with the Saint-Saulge gendarmerie against the mayor of the commune of Brinay for the following reason: “Serious abuse or cruel act against a domestic animal, domesticated or captured animal resulting in death” .

The contact confirms that the gendarmerie has indeed opened an investigation into these matters. The refuge Thiernay is connected to this complaint and is bringing a civil action.

Simon Dubos


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