A dirty stray cat approaches humans meowing for help. One day his prayer is heard

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For weeks, a stray cat waited for a helping hand, approaching everyone it passed, meowing and asking for attention. His wish was finally granted thanks to an association.

In the New York borough of Bronx, a factory worker noticed a cat wandering in the parking lot and started feeding it. He had noticed that this extremely gentle animal was limping slightly in the front left paw. Worried, he had contacted the local association Little Wanderers NYCrecount lovemeow.

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The latter quickly reacted by sending a volunteer to look for the feline, because a storm was expected the next day. The cat greeted her happily; he ran towards her meowing, as he did with everyone he met. He was clearly calling for help.

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She had no difficulty putting him in the transport crate to take him to the veterinary clinic. The cat, which was called Vinnyhad 2 healed old fractures and a leg injury.

After rescue and care, adoption

He received all the care he needed, then was castrated. Everyone at the veterinary clinic fell in love with this extremely kind and friendly animal. He was delighted to receive so much attention and affection.

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Vinny was ready to take the next big step: adoption. He didn’t have to wait long. A couple met him and were immediately seduced by the gentleness of the animal.

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Vinny was thus able to discover his new home and his new loving family, including another cat with whom he quickly befriended.

After weeks of wandering and crying out for help, his life finally took the turn he dreamed of.

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Little Wanderers NYC/Facebook

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