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A dog attacked a woman south of Caen (Calvados) in early 2022. The master was arraigned on Wednesday, October 19. ©pixabay

To Avenay south of Caen (Calvados), Friday, February 11, 2022, is Arlette* attacked and bitten by a dog who fled from his master’s court. On Wednesday 19 October 2022, Bastien * (age 35) was prosecuted in the correctional facility before d. Caen courtindicted for involuntary injuries due to aggression by a dog without anti-rabies vaccination, as well as for possession of unidentified dogs.

“My clothes saved my life”

It is 4:30 p.m. when Arlette, passing in front of Bastien’s house, sees two dogs of unidentifiable breeds approaching who have escaped through a hole in the fence. They are Molossians, one of which is apparently a Boxer-Malinois cross. One of them pounces on her and starts by biting the bottom of her anorak. He knocks her down. The fall resulted in head trauma, a sprained wrist and various bruises.

The dog will then bite his side and his left thigh. A witness screams to stop the beast. If Bastien is absent from the hearing, Arlette appeared. She tells:

It was my clothes that saved my life. If it had been a child, the dog would have slaughtered it.

The victim

Despite the fear and her torn anorak, Arlette did not seek compensation. Without being angry, she asks to think about it. What she wants is that the dogs can no longer leave their farm like this.

Too many dog ​​walks in the city

The mayor had already asked his citizens to close their gardens properly and dogs were reproducing in an anarchic manner in the city. As for Bastien, it turns out that he had been ordered to repair a hole in his fence, which he never did. Finally, the animals do not have an up-to-date anti-rabies vaccination and are not identified. The prosecutor recalls all these shortcomings and emphasizes the consequences in relation to public safety. The defense lawyer talks about a man who lives on the outskirts, who receives the disabled adult’s allowance, and who sometimes finds it difficult to understand things.

He received a two-month suspended sentence and a fine of 250 euros. Both dogs are taken from him. The victim’s civil suit is declared admissible, and there is a reference on civil interests, next April.

*Bastien and Arlette assumed names

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