a dog behaves in an unusual way and saves the life of its owner

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If Brenda Richards, originally from the county of Derbyshire (England), is still alive today, it is certainly thanks to her pet. The dog spotted a cancerous lump on her chest.

Woopets has already relayed a plethora of stories in which dogs or cats have saved the life of a loved one by detecting a tumor. A new testimony, published in the columns of the magazine People on March 30, 2022, also deserves to be known.

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane. In April 2019, Brenda Richards78, carried in his arms his female Yorkshire Terrier, baptized Cleo, to help him get upstairs. During this routine, the 7-year-old dog adopted an unusual behavior: she scratched her carrier’s chest.

Intrigued, the septuagenarian took a closer look and noticed a disturbing mass. Later, a doctor diagnosed her with breast cancer.

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“My dog ​​Cleo, my baby, definitely saved my life”

She was trying to tell me something. Without a shadow of a doubt, my little pooch, Cleo, felt the lump in my chest.said M.me Richards, if she hadn’t found it, I don’t think I would have ever known. Once the diagnosis is made, it’s time for treatment.

After 8 months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy at Royal Derby Hospital – whom she knew well thanks to the voluntary work she had done for 3 years –, the owner of Cleo had the choice between having a lumpectomy, a mammogram and doing nothing. ” I opted for the lumpectomy “, confided the protagonist of this story.

The operation, which consists of removing the part of the breast where the tumor is nestled, was a real success. Brenda Richards was off the hook.

I dread what would have happened if Cleo hadn’t behaved the way she didadded the senior, despite my worries when the cancer arrived, i got over it in a heartbeat because the lump was caught early. My dog ​​Cleo, my baby, definitely saved my life. »

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