A dog disfigured following an act of cruelty has been waiting for 400 days for a new family

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A dog abused from a young age was left disfigured after an act of cruelty. He has found refuge in the UK, but his scary face is repelling adopters. Yet he has a lot of love to give.

Tony is a dog with a sad past. He started his life in Romania where he suffered abuse from unscrupulous individuals. The poor beast had a piece of hot metal pushed into its muzzle, which left it with physical and psychological consequences.

He was then expatriated to UK by the association Oakwood Dog Rescuelocated in the city of Hullwhich explains to Mirror : “In his past, humans burned him with a piece of hot metal. It hurt him a lot and unfortunately his injuries will never go away.”.

In effect, Tony has a long scar on his nose that makes him look a bit scary. A spokesperson for the shelter said: “Potential owners systematically avoid him in the kennel”. This is the reason why Tony desperately waiting for more than 400 days for an adoptive family to start anew and finally enjoy life to the full.

regain confidence

However, Tony has come a long way since being taken out of his inferno. His behavior has changed a lot thanks to the attention he received from educators and volunteers. “When Tony arrived in Oakwood, he was an extremely fearful dog running away from humans and cowering in his crate. He was also very frightened of other dogs.”, says a volunteer. Today, Tony does his best to overcome his fears. He regained confidence and now has more confidence.

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Tony celebrated her sixth birthday at the shelter last February. The whole team hopes he will spend his seventh with a loving family who will take care of him forever. In the meantime, the volunteers of the Oakwood Dog Rescue continue their work of socialization and rehabilitation with him.

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