A dog does its dance of joy in the rain to celebrate its release from the shelter (video)

As if he had suddenly realized that he was no longer at the shelter, but in a large garden, Rambo gave free rein to his happiness despite the rain. He had been waiting for a moment like this for almost 6 months.

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175 is the number of days that Rambo went to the shelter before he finally had his chance. This Pitbull cross was cared for by Forgotten Dogs Rescuean association based in Seattle in Washington State, until his recent placement in foster care, reported The Dodo.

The volunteers had spared no effort to comfort him and improve his daily life, but life in a concrete box is in no way comparable to that within a family. Even if it was already much better than the wandering he knew before his rescue by Forgotten Dogs Rescuewho had picked him up in the streets of Kennewickabout 280 kilometers away.

A foster family, that of Billie Wensvenwas therefore found for Rambowho can thus prepare themselves in the best conditions for the next step, which is adoption.

Illustration of the article: A dog does its dance of joy in the rain to celebrate its release from the shelter (video)
Billie Wensven

The day after his arrival, it was raining heavily and the dog was having fun in the large garden of his new house. There, in the middle of the great expanse of grass, Rambo started running happily in all directions, as if to celebrate the event.

“Absolute happiness in his eyes”

A scene that Billie Wensven filmed before sending the video to Julie Saraceno, volunteer at the shelter. She couldn’t hold back her tears of joy. ” The absolute happiness in her eyes and the feeling of freedom was wonderful to see “, she says.

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Rambo has made tremendous progress since arriving at the shelter of Forgotten Dogs Rescue. Distrustful and fearful, he became a much more confident and obedient dog thanks to the work of a dog trainer. The Pitbull cross continues to be followed by the professional while benefiting from the love and attention of his foster family, in order to be ready for adoption.


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