A dog falls asleep on 2 seats in a crowded subway, but no one comes to disturb him (video)

The attitude of the underground users to a sleeping dog has moved many Twitter users after the publication of the video immortalizing the scene. The animal took up 2 seats when the vehicle was full, but the passengers quietly let it continue its nap.


In these troubled times, any sequence, image or story that brings a little happiness and hope is welcome. Especially when it involves animals, which remain top ranked when it comes to inspiring us with joy, compassion and kindness.

The video in question here, provided by IndiaTimes, is completely in line with this logic. It shows a dog overcome by sleep while on board a subway. The animal took up 2 seats in a train full of passengers. Despite the lack of seats, none of those standing wanted to disturb the rest of the four-legged, most likely strays.

Illustration of the article: A dog falls asleep on 2 seats in a crowded subway, but no one comes to disturb him (video)
Stefano S. Magic/Twitter

The dog even seemed to be dreaming, judging by the movements of its paws. Who would want to be woken up in a dream? That’s what subway travelers probably thought back then.

The video was uploaded Twitter on October 5, 2022 by an Italian internet user named Stefano S. Magic. Described himself as a dog and skydiving enthusiast (he was a member of the Parachute Brigade Folgorein the Italian Air Force), he regularly shares touching animal footage.

“No one disturbed his rest”

Although the car is crowded and [le chien] occupying 2 places, no one disturbed his rest “, he wrote in the caption.

If there is no indication of the location in its publication, the scene appears to have been filmed in Chile. The inscriptions on the train are similar to those found on the railway network in the city Valparaísoin the center of the country.


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