A dog gives birth to her young: volunteers are shocked to discover the number of puppies

A dog gives birth to her babies

The volunteers were surprised to discover the number of puppies from this litter.

When Elsa arrived at the RSCPA association, the dog was already at a very advanced stage of her pregnancy.

For the volunteers, the dog will probably give birth to six puppies. While awaiting delivery, the dog is welcomed by a foster family.

As The Dodo reports, Elsa will finally give birth to her babies in early March. What was the surprise of the volunteers when they discovered the number of puppies.

The dog gave birth to 13 puppies

The mum gave birth not to 6 puppies but to 13 little ones: “We knew Elsa was expecting at least six, but we were shocked when 13 arrived,” said Kathy Butler, Essex branch manager South, Southend & District of the RSPCA, in a press release.

A significant number which is far from scaring Elsa. The dog very quickly turned into a mother hen to take care of her little ones.

Disney inspired names

Even if the dog takes care of her litter wonderfully, the volunteers of the association had to feed some puppies with a bottle because they could not all be breastfed at the same time.

Now the RSPCA hopes to give the puppies Disney-inspired names, just like their mother. People even have the option of sponsoring a puppy to help cover the expenses and care of this large family.

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