A dog howled to ‘sing’ happy birthday to his master and touched everyone

Usually, when it’s a loved one’s birthday, it’s most common to sing happy birthday as a family while bringing the cake, bringing gifts for that person, and share a good time to feel for the birthday party, that he is the center of attention and that he is a very special person who deserves this celebration on the day of his birth. It is a day to celebrate and enjoy.

This is how a family had come together to celebrate a young man’s birthday. They had brought presents and a large cake full of fruit. It seemed like a normal party until they have to sing happy birthday. At that moment, the family dog, sitting next to the young man, surprised everyone and stole the show.

Indeed, no one expected the dog to start singing like there was no tomorrow. He had noticed that everyone was singing, and he probably didn’t want to be left out. So he would join in singing with the whole family and create a moment of laughter that no family member will ever forget. The birthday boy couldn’t help but laugh.

A dog sings the birthday song with the whole family.

to sing
© TikTok video recording

Everyone expected it to be a normal birthday party, so when they brought out the cake, they started filming to remember the moment, which is a common thing in this kind of celebrations. Luckily, the video caught the exact moment the dog joined them and started singing the song.

At first, you can see in the video that the dog seems a bit shy when it emits the first howls, but gradually, he begins to gain confidence and joins the party in a very peculiar way. It seems to be a very dog “talkative” according to his family. That day, too, they discovered that he had a new talent, which he did not hesitate to show.

The whole family laughed unstoppably at this unexpected scene. The dog didn’t understand, so he continued to sing along to the rhythm of the song. In order not to leave him screaming alone, the family sang the song again, and you can see how the dog tries to imitate them by making sounds as close as possible to the human voice. He undoubtedly has great talent. He really is a very special dog.

to sing
© TikTok video recording

After the video was shared on social media, it quickly went viral. It was the user @jonathansarita16 who decided to share it, receives thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from people who couldn’t help but laugh at the funny pictures of this singing dog. Everyone was fascinated by this white dog.

Here are some of the comments from internet users: “it seems that at one point the dog scolds everyone because he starts singing and no one follows him because they laugh” “it seems that he was told: there will be no cake for those who doesn’t sing” “that dog is giving his best, well done, it’s a phenomenon” “I need my dog ​​to learn to sing urgently”.

Without a doubt, it was a very fun and joyful day that they will never forget. This memory will live forever. Plus, it’s quite possible that this family will do the same for the next birthday to celebrate! Internet users will wait for them to upload a video about this incredible dog again.

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