A dog puts his ball on the wall every day in the hope that someone will play with him

Riley is a Golden Retriever dog from Los Angeles, California, who was adopted at 10 weeks old from a Big Bear shelter because his former family could no longer keep him. He has always been an adorable, very sweet and friendly dog. So much so that he won the heart, not only of many of its neighbors, but also thousands of Internet users around the world.

The dog drops the ball on the wall every day for someone to play with.

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Its owner, Wendy Walden, placed a small box in the yard, where Riley stands every day to watch the neighborhood. His residence is located in a corner and through the wall that encloses the garden, Riley can see everyone who passes. Since it is higher than the wall, the dog lies there with its front paws and spends a good part of the time there, trying to relieve its boredom.

But that’s not the only thing Riley does. Most of the time, he carries a ball in his mouth and drops it on the ground, so people passing by can pick it up, give it back to him, and play with him a bit.

It was local actor Johnny Berchtold who managed to capture on video how he tried to get the attention of passers-by by throwing a ball over a wall in order to entice them to come and play. The scenes accumulated more 11 million views!

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Riley’s effective and endearing technique for grabbing attention quickly went viral.

Many people living in Riley’s neighborhood did not hesitate to come and meet this dog who became famous and to have their own videos of the one who is already known as “the friendliest dog in the world”.

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Some filmed themselves playing ball with Riley, others simply stroked and waved. You could say that the good dog is the celebrity of the place, because everyone wants to approach of him and immortalize the moment with a selfie or a video.

“He had become the attraction. A crew from the movie “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” was right next door and he was immediately noticed. I think he took selfies with most of the people on the team and even one with Rachel Bloom,” Wendy said.

Riley has been doing this adorable trick for years and his family loves that everyone treats him so lovingly, especially seeing how he manages to change so many people’s day and leave a permanent smile on their face.

It’s so beautiful to know that this adorable dog, with his sympathy and tenderness, not only managed to get attention and the love he asked forbut also to play all day with all the neighbors.

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