A dog sees that there is no one on the street, he enters a swimming pool without permission to play alone

The dog jumped to get completely wet in a fountain, he was so hot. A passerby took advantage of this scene to film it from afar, and posted it on TikTok.

Animals touch the hearts of Internet users for their antics. This is why thousands of videos are posted daily on TikTok and other social networks. This time, a dog had no better idea than to jump into a fountain in the middle of a public road when he realized there was no one around.

A dog sees that there is no one on the street and enters a public fountain without permission

That day, a young man was walking in a park in his neighborhood until a curious scene caught his attention. That’s when he approached cautiously to get a better view, while taking out his cell phone.

He was a dog jumping into a fountain, because he couldn’t stand the sun’s rays due to high temperatures. Because of this, he ran from side to side trying to get his body wet and also having fun on his own.

Despite the boy’s presence, the dog continued to play with the water and showed his excitement. Additionally, he was thrust into the spotlight when this video was posted to an account tagged as @perzefeny on TikTok. She reached more than 597,900 views, which made it a trending topic.

It was too hot and the dog couldn’t resist taking a bath and having fun.

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