A dog walks around in his “Converse” sneakers and his appearance captivates thousands of people

The little dog accompanied his masters to a restaurant and wore his particular shoes. One person captured this adorable moment which has already gone viral on TikTok.

Through social networks, thousands of Internet users witness the funniest, wittiest and even most impressive, especially those featuring pets. On this occasion, a video has gone viral on TikTok which reveals the curious look of a dog who has gone for a walk with his masters.

As can be seen in the video shared by @alison_castt, a family went to a popular fast food joint and took their little dog with them. The animal hid under the table, but one person was able to see it and capture a particularly funny video.

A dog walks around with his “Converse” sneakers and his appearance captivates thousands of people

The dog was wearing Converse sneakers, which sparked fondness from people who managed to observe him. Indeed, he had this unique shoe on his little paws, which did not go unnoticed by a young girl who quickly grabbed her phone and managed to film it.

The pictures quickly went viral and managed to garner over 2 million views, as well as some funny likes and comments.

“What tenderness, a fashionable doggie”, “I love you, a person who humanizes and makes dogs part of his family”, “I am overwhelmed by so much tenderness”were some of the responses left by netizens.

A small part of converse history!

Brand founder Marquis Mills Converse saw the untapped sneaker market. He then created the first Converse model, the All Star, designed to adapt to the movements of the players. The company has experienced great growth with Chuck Taylor, a retired professional, who made it known through his basketball lessons and implemented key design improvements.

As a tribute, his name was inscribed on the most famous model: the Chuck Taylor All Star. However, when World War II broke out, Converse devoted most of its resources to making shoes for soldiers. This situation, together with a series of bad decisions, led to bankruptcy in 2003 and, in the same year, Nike, one of its biggest competitors, bought it out.

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